Friday, May 1, 2009

A busy day!

Early in the morning, a crew of five men arrived from Scenic Ridge Construction. It didn't take them long to begin digging the footers for the memorial walls.
The men worked quickly and steadily as the threat of rain continued to loom over head.

We are overwhelmed at the amount of volunteer hours that local businesses and their employees have donated to the garden. Pavers, concrete, block - worth thousands of dollars - all donated. May God bless those who are blessing the community and honoring the lives of the precious babies.
Once the footers were dug, they were ready for concrete. It was a muddy mess, but the crew continued on, making sure each footer was poured and leveled according to the blue print.

The crew from Scenic Ridge finished up before noon, just before the sky opened up and poured rain. No problem. The footer were all set and the rain wouldn't hurt them a bit. Once the crew cleared out, the block truck from New Holland arrived.

Using a radio controlled lift, the operator maneuvered huge piles of regular block, split face block, sand and concrete onto the garden grounds.

Brian Waltman, garden project coordinator, spent most of the day at the garden coordinating the work and pulling together all the loose ends.

Early in the afternoon, Brian put in a call to Siegrist Excavating to have several scoops of topsoil delivered to the center of the garden circle.

While Kyle Siegrist, the backhoe operator, brought the soil from several blocks away and was able to dump it in over the pavers, leveling the dirt was left for Brian to do in the down pour. Of course, Ivory, the dog could help supervise.
With four scoops of top soil in place and leveled, the small area is ready for prep work and planting grass. If grass can start growing now, it will save on the amount of sod needed later.
It was amazing to look back over the day and see how all the work that needed to get completed without a heavy rain - got completed! When it did rain, it did not compromise any of the concrete or delay any of the other work. Thank you God! Please make sure you have plans to join the Garden of Hope dedication on Sunday, June 14, 2009 from 4:00-7:00pm with a special dedication service at 6:00pm. If you have any questions about the dedication, please call 717-768-7137. For questions about the construction of the garden, please call Brian Waltman at 717-615-7472.

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