Saturday, May 2, 2009

A strong foundation

Once again, early in the morning, skilled men arrived at the garden to help with the construction of the Garden of Hope. Gid Lapp and his brother Elam Lapp, owner of E.L. Lapp Masonry, quickly got to work with the task of building the memorial wall foundations on the footers that had been poured yesterday.
Unlike the footers, the foundations could not get wet. Dark clouds threatened throughout the morning, but the two men raced on trying to beat the weather.

Over 100 large blocks needed moved to be within easy reach of the masons. Thanks to Alvin Esh and his son Taylor, all the blocks were moved within an hour and the masons were able to continue laying without even pausing.

Wanted to get the foundations laid before the rain, Gid and Elam didn't even stop for a mid-morning break! Elam's three year old son, Javelle, however was happy to eat the snack. He had a grand time playing in the sand pile, stone pile and dirt pile. What more could a little boy want?

Four foundations laid, ready to cure. No rain. Perfect. Thank you again God!

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