Saturday, May 16, 2009

Skilled Hands - Skilled Work

Day after day, we are amazed at what God is doing with the construction of this garden!  Last week,  Elam Lapp of E.L. Masonry and Gid Lapp, worked to lay the block foundations for the memorial walls.  This week we were so blessed to have five crew members from E.L. Masonry come and spend eight hours completing the memorial walls with the split face block.  Praise God for generous businesses in the area who continue to invest in this ministry!
Building the memorial walls was time consuming and tedious. Above, Brandon Martin smooths the mortar joints.
Robert Stewart, carefully positions one of the final blocks on the supporting pillar.
Larry D. Mutzabaugh shows that jobs like this require skill that only comes from years of practice!
Craftsmanship was the name of the game as Juan Salasar makes sure every joint is even.
This was not regular project as the walls needed to be constructed with groove on each side of the pillars so the mounting wall could be slid in to place.  It took a precision finish - and that's what we got.  All eight wall side were positioned without a hitch.

It was a hot day for the crew including Amos Fisher who was in charge of providing each of the layers with mortar mud that was just the right consistency.  Awesome work guys!

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